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The “Vegg” Scramble – Confessions of an Egg-Loving Vegan | IndieFit Magazine – the Voice of the New Kansas City
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The “Vegg” Scramble – Confessions of an Egg-Loving Vegan

by Kaitlyn Dewell

IN THE EVER-EVOLVING WORLD THAT IS YOUR LOCAL GROCERY STORE, there are more options than ever to amp up your nutrition with products and ingredients that emphasis the word “free”. Not free as in price of course, but gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, you can take the equation “x”- free=dinner and substitute for x (oh those painful memories of algebra) and somebody’s surely marketing it in Whole Foods or the Hy-Vee health section. Vegan diets are implicitly egg-free of course, so how do you handle the hanker for a Denver, er, Veggie Omelet, when only the sensual taste and texture of real chicken eggs will do?

There is a “free” for that. Rocky Shepheard, founder of The Vegg, a Pennsylvania-based startup, invented a “vegan egg yolk” that’s the heart of an entire line of egg substitutes (all available online, see details below). Products range from a vegan baking mix to a promising French toast formula to his original “Vegg” yolk. Yep you heard right, that’s “Vegg yolk.”

“What’s unique about these products is that they all taste like egg,” Shepheard said. “There are a lot of egg replacers out there, but we’re the only ones that actually taste like an egg.” Tasting like egg seemed more prerequisite than unique quality to me, but as a vegan egg newbie it definitely inspired me to stick to the Vegg at first and try the dubious “non-egg-tasting egg replacers” at some tobe- determined date.

Shepheard’s newest addition to the vegan egg family is the Vegg Scramble. We tried it out at Indie Fit on a late lazy Sunday morning that screamed all-you-can-eat Brunch! But we’re tough like that, we stayed home and cooked. Like all ‘Vegg’ products, the scramble starts as a powder that you whisk together with unsweetened soy milk and then simmer for 10 minutes in a pan over medium to low heat until curds form. Stir up the curds, wait a few more minutes to reduce, and you’re left with soft, light-yellow, scrambled “eggs,” which can be microwaved an additional two to three minutes for a firmer texture. OK, I was still a little groggy, but after I whisked in a dash of tabasco and some pepper, my taste buds told me “egg.”

The Vegg Scramble weighs in at 12 grams of protein – about what you’d expect in two chicken eggs. It’s completely cholesterol free (that’s one of the reason’s you’re eating vegan eggs right?), fat-free, loaded with a healthy swirl of amino acids, and since no chickens were involved in the making of the Vegg, Shepheard assures us his products are cruelty-free.

“The mission of The Vegg is to provide plant-based egg texture and flavor without the cruelty,” he said. “Hopefully, it will catch on to the non-vegan audience for one reason or another to show that any kind of taste and texture is possible without cruelty to animals.”

To learn more about the Vegg visit www. thevegg.com and order from the Vegg shop. Now back to bed.

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